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Thermoglaze Bathtub Reglazing

What is Thermoglaze? Thermoglaze is a Fluorocarbon reinforced porcelain glaze that produces a high gloss, easy to clean, new glass like surface, at an affordable price. Thermoglaze Bathtub Refinishing is the only company in the tub & tile refinishing market that uses this exclusive technology.

Welcome to New: Bathtub & Tile Reglazing

Transform your bathtub, tile, shower or sink with Thermoglaze  Bathtub reglazing, providing a porcelain-like finish. Tired of an unsightly, worn-out bathtub surface? Stains, chips or outdated color taking away from the beauty of your bathroom? If your tub has been refinished before and needs an upgrade, our signature reglazing process guarantees a durable, glossy porcelain finish that will impress. Trust us to give your bathtub the facelift it deserves. 


The Thermoglaze Difference 

 Thermoglaze fluorocarbon porcelain glaze was developed for bathtub and tile refinishing. Porcelain glaze is superior in every way to standard refinishing coatings that other refinishing companies use.

First Things First

With over 4 decades of experience, we know our Thermoglaze process will last many years. We guarantee your new Thermoglaze surface for 10 years and it will last many years after.

Next Up

Thermoglaze uses a heat applied application, that allows us to glaze several layers of the fluorocarbon-porcelain glaze to your old surface. This process gives the product its reputation for being the strongest, most durable, porcelain surface in the industry. 

To Add To It

Thermoglaze Bathtub Refinishing is the only company in the tub & tile refinishing market that uses this exclusive technology. 

Last But Not Lease

We are priced competitively in the market place and provide excellent service and have served thousands of happy customers.


Fresh Tub Surface from the Worn out to New

Our Thermoglazing process and professional workmanship all integrate together to form the very best bathtub and tile refinishing system. No mess; combined with only a 24 hour down time makes our exclusive Thermoglaze technology the best choice when it comes to having your bathtub or tile resurfaced 


Happy Customers

Laura Solem said”

The ABSOLUTE best. Mark did not over charge and the finish is SO shiny. I couldn’t get my tub clean no matter how much I scrubbed it. Now it’s easy to clean and looks beautiful..”


“Thank you Chris, its our pleasure”

“Have used Thermoglaze on 3 separate properties now. Technicians have always arrived on time time, treated the property with respect, excellent workmanship, and thorough cleanup (unlike some contractors..). Highly recommend“.


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